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...Appointment Type (e.g., Contract or 18-month Career... or other collection specialists. Serves as liaison with CTN collection specialist and faculty as needed...
Contract Specialist Job Description
Contract Specialist Negotiates with suppliers to draw up procurement contracts. Negotiates, administers, extends, terminates plus renegotiates contracts. Formulates coordinates procurement proposals. Directs coordinates activities of workers engaged in formulating bid proposals. Evaluates or monitors contract performance to define necessity for amendments or extensi... [Last Updated: ]

Security Management Specialist Job Description
Security Management Specialist Prepare documentation for case reports or court proceedings. Review design drawings or technical documents for completeness, correctness, or appropriateness. Monitor tapes or digital recordings to identify the source of losses. Interview witnesses or suspects to identify persons responsible for security breaches, establish losses, pursue prosecutio... [Last Updated: ]

Computer Security Specialist Job Description
Computer Security Specialist Regulates access to computer data files, monitors data file use, and also updates computer security files. Enters commands into computer to allow access to computer system for employee who forgot password. Reads computer security files for defining whether denial of data access reported by employee is justified. Modifies security files to correc... [Last Updated: ]

Adapted Physical Education Specialist Job Description
Adapted Physical Education Specialist Request or order physical education equipment, following standard procedures. Write reports to summarize student performance, social growth, or physical development. Attend in-service training, workshops, or meetings to keep abreast of current practices or trends in adapted physical education. Write or modify individualized education plans IEPs f... [Last Updated: ]

Christmas tree Contractor Job Description
Christmas tree Contractor Contacts landowners to negotiate purchase of Christmas trees arranges with contractors to cut trees. Contacts owners of forest lands prior to cutting season to negotiate contracts for purchase of trees. Surveys stumpage standing timber for defining approximate tree yield & informs... [Last Updated: ]

Program Specialist Employee health Maintenance Job Description
Program Specialist Employee health Maintenance Coordinates activities of area employers in setting up local government funded program within establishments to help employees who are not functioning at satisfactory levels of job performance due to alcoholism or other behavioral medical problems. Writes plus prepares newspaper advertisements, newsletters plus questionnaires speaks before commu... [Last Updated: ]

Art Specialist Job Description
Art Specialist Explain demonstrate artistic techniques. Prepare students for performances, exams, or assessments. Prepare deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics like acting techniques, fundamentals of music, and also art history. Organize performance groups direct their rehearsals. Prepare course materials like syllabi, homework assig... [Last Updated: ]

Contour Wire Specialist Denture Job Description
Contour Wire Specialist Denture Makes as well as repairs contoured wire frames plus retainers for teeth used in partial dentures, using power tools handtools. Examines model of oral impression reads Dentists medical ser. 072.101-010 prescription to define design of wire frame. Marks pencil tracings on surface of model to indicate position of wire clasps, using surveyor. ... [Last Updated: ]

Specialist Field Engineer Job Description
Specialist Field Engineer Collects fluid samples from oil-or gas-bearing formations analyzes sample to define potential productivity of formation. Moves controls on panel to fire charge into ... [Last Updated: ]

Airline Technical Support Specialist Job Description
Airline Technical Support Specialist Provides account management to support customer satisfaction of services offered maintain/grow service accounts. Creates analyze various reports for management review. Runs trend & statistical analysis as well as interpret in order to provide internal plus external on-site presentations specific to metrics reporting. Utilizes database for ... [Last Updated: ]

Landscape Specialist Job Description
Landscape Specialist Maintains grounds areas along highway right-of-way of city, state, and also national parks. Sows grass seed, using spreader, or plants trees, shrubs, or flowers, according to instructions planned design of landscaped area, using handtools. Applies herbicide or mulch to designated areas, using sprayers. Grubs weeds around bushes, trees, and also ... [Last Updated: ]

Computer User Support Specialist Job Description
Computer User Support Specialist Answer user inquiries regarding computer software or hardware operation to resolve problems. Install perform minor repairs to hardware, software, or peripheral equipment, following design or installation specifications. Oversee the daily performance of computer systems. Set up equipment for employee use, performing or ensuring proper installation ... [Last Updated: ]

Community Health Specialist Job Description
Community Health Specialist Recruits new immunization registry participants, collect as well as complete provider information in registry plus assign provider code, user levels, and also types, secure maintain up-to-date signed user agreements. Assigns designated user identifications plus passwords to registry users, update reset as needed. Coordinates, prepare and ad... [Last Updated: ]

Contract Clerk Job Description
Contract Clerk Reviews agreements or proposed agreements for conformity to company rates, rules, and also regulations. Analyzes contracts confers with various department heads to detect ambiguities, inaccurate statements, omissions of ... [Last Updated: ]

Eye Specialist Job Description
Eye Specialist Diagnoses as well as treats diseases injuries of eyes. Examines patient for symptoms indicative of organic or congenital ocular disorders plus determines nature extent of injury or disorder. Performs various tests for defining vis... [Last Updated: ]

Fire fighting equipment Specialist Job Description
Fire fighting equipment Specialist Repairs firefighting vehicles, equipment, buildings, and also structures. Inspects vehicles or equipment to define condition. Repairs vehicles or equipment, using mechanics tools, precision testing measuring equipment and additionally... [Last Updated: ]

Hazardous waste Management Specialist Job Description
Hazardous waste Management Specialist Conducts studies on hazardous waste management projects as well as provides information on treatment containment of hazardous waste. Participates in developing hazardous waste rules plus regulations to protect people environment. Surveys industries for defining type magnitude of disposal problem. Assesses available hazardous waste treatment ... [Last Updated: ]

Garments Model Specialist Job Description
Garments Model Specialist Pose for artists photographers. Record rates of pay durations of jobs on vouchers. Report job completions to agencies obtain information about future appointments. Assemble maintain portfolios, print composite cards, and also travel to go-sees to obtain jobs. Work closely with photographers, fashion coordinators, directors, producers, stylists,... [Last Updated: ]

Public Relations Specialist Job Description
Public Relations Specialist Respond to requests for information from the media or designate an appropriate spokesperson or information source. Establish or maintain cooperative relationships with representatives of community, consumer, employee, or public interest groups. Plan or direct development or communication of informational programs to maintain favorable public or sto... [Last Updated: ]

Informatics Nurse Specialist Job Description
Informatics Nurse Specialist Translate nursing practice information between nurses systems engineers, analysts, or designers using object-oriented models or other techniques. Plan, install, repair or troubleshoot telehealth technology applications or systems in homes. Use informatics science to design or implement health information technology applications to resolve clinical... [Last Updated: ]

Research contracts Supervisor Job Description
Research contracts Supervisor Directs activities of workers engaged in negotiating as well as servicing research contracts with universities other institutions conducting research projects for federal agencies. Evaluates contract p... [Last Updated: ]

Contract Technician Job Description
Contract Technician Reviews agreements or proposed agreements for conformity to company rates, rules, and also regulations. Analyzes contracts confers with various department heads to detect ambiguities, inaccurate statements, omissions of ... [Last Updated: ]

Career information Specialist Job Description
Career information Specialist Collects as well as organizes occupational data to provide source materials for school career information center, and also assists students plus teachers to locate obtain materials. Orders, catalogues plus maintains files on materials relating to job opportunities, careers, technical schools, colleges, scholarships, armed forces plus other pro... [Last Updated: ]

Flight Operations Specialist Job Description
Flight Operations Specialist Maintains aviation operations files as well as records, and also prepares plus types reports, orders, and also schedules pertaining to aviation operations aviation safety. Displays flight planning information to include airfield diagram, status of navigational aids, map of local flying area, special use airspace plus crash grid chart. Maintain... [Last Updated: ]

Training Specialist Job Description
Training Specialist Develops as well as conducts programs to train employees or customers of industrial or commercial establishment in installation, programming, safety, maintenance, and also repair of machinery equipment, like robots, programmable controllers, and also robot controllers, following manuals, specifications, blueprints, and also schematics, and also ... [Last Updated: ]

Agricultural Chemicals Registration Specialist Job Description
Agricultural Chemicals Registration Specialist Reviews evaluates information on applications for registration of products containing dangerous chemicals for compliance with statutory regulations. Reads registration applications from manufacturers distributors of pesticides, fertilizers plus other products containing dangerous chemicals. Evaluates label information for defining that directions... [Last Updated: ]

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