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Refrigeration Construction Foreman » Job Description:
...of plumbing and pipe fitting Knowledge of blue-prints, detailing refrigeration, plumbing, electrical and or fixtures Ability to pipe refrigeration equipment...
Mounter Smoking Pipe Job Description
Mounter Smoking Pipe Assembles bits stummels of smoking pipes by one of following methods. 1 Reams hole in shank, using reamer. Inserts tenon end of bit into hole aligns mouthpiece with pipe bo... [Last Updated: ]

Coal Pipeline Operator Job Description
Coal Pipeline Operator Controls, from master panel, semiautomatic processing plant that pulverizes as well as mixes coal with water introduces resulting slurry into pipeline for transportation. Moves controls to start plus regulate conveyors, pumps, grinding mills, tank agitators plus auxiliary equipment that convert coal to slurry of specified density acidity, fol... [Last Updated: ]

Supervisor Continuous weld pipe Mill Job Description
Supervisor Continuous weld pipe Mill Supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in heating, forming, and also welding flat steel strips skelp to produce butt-welded pipe by continuous welding process.... [Last Updated: ]

Pipe Blanks Cut off saw Operator Job Description
Pipe Blanks Cut off saw Operator Tends machine equipped with multiple abrasive blades that cuts asbestos-cement pipe into blanks in manufacture of pipe couplings. Adjusts spaces abrasive blades to cut pipe to specified lengths, using wrench. Turns crank to set hydraulic lifters that automatically raise blades that cut pipe. Measures diameter of pipe, using tape measure, and also ... [Last Updated: ]

Pipe Puller Job Description
Pipe Puller Controls power hoisting equipment to pull casing, tubing, and also pumping rods from oil as well as gas wells for repair to lower repaired equipment, testing devices, and also servicing tools into well. Attaches cable clamp to top of pump rod or casing starts winch or hydraulic jack that raises rod or casing. Disconnects sections of rod or casi... [Last Updated: ]

Pipe and tank Fabricator Job Description
Pipe and tank Fabricator Sets up operates machine to cut, croze, slot, shape, and also incise materials for prefabricated wooden tanks or pipes. Lays out materials for tank bottoms clamps material together on platform, using screw clamps. Bolts machine pivot to center of work material attaches radial-arm bandsaw to pivot, using overhead hoist. Starts saw as well as re... [Last Updated: ]

Piper Job Description
Piper Installs oil, air, fuel, and also water lines on diesel engines, using blueprints process documents to define pipe size, location of connection, and also angles of bends. Cuts pipe bends to specified angle, using tube bending machine [Bending-Machine Operator any industry I]. Brazes connections to pipe, using holding fixtures gas furnace. Bolt... [Last Updated: ]

Pipe Processor Job Description
Pipe Processor Controls operation of machinery equipment, like coil car, uncoiler, rollers, power shears, and also hoist, using console, from pulpit in welding mill to form skelp metal coil into metal pipe. Receives signal through intercom to begin machine operation. Moves levers & presses buttons on control console to position coil car under overhead hoist ... [Last Updated: ]

Pipe Buffer Job Description
Pipe Buffer Cleans polishes end of pipe, prior to welding in pipeline , using... [Last Updated: ]

Supervisor Corncob Pipe Manufacturing Job Description
Supervisor Corncob Pipe Manufacturing Supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in making corncob pipes. Trains workers in operation of machines used to cut, shape, bore plus smooth corncob pipe bowls. Directs maintenance w... [Last Updated: ]

Gang Supervisor Pipe Lines Job Description
Gang Supervisor Pipe Lines Supervises as well as coordinates activities of workers engaged in operating digging plus pipelaying machines and in installation of pipe, pumps, valves, and al... [Last Updated: ]

Pipe Tester Job Description
Pipe Tester Operates hydraulic pump auxiliary equipment to test oil well tubing or casing for high-pressure leaks. Attaches wire line pulley to crown block of rig plus hydraulic hose to testing tool, pump plus source of water, using wrenches. Lowers testin... [Last Updated: ]

Pipe wrapping machine Operator Job Description
Pipe wrapping machine Operator Operates pipe-wrapping machine to coat pipelines with asphalt or other corrosion-resisting compounds as well as wrap them spirally with fabrics, like glass cloth plus felt paper, to form protective coating that prevents electrolytic decomposition of oil gas pipelines. Inspects paper holders observes flow of hot ... [Last Updated: ]

Pipe Installer Job Description
Pipe Installer Installs conduit pipe used to protect electrical wiring in buildings transportation equipment. Reads blueprints to define size, position plus ... [Last Updated: ]

Cooling pipe Inspector Job Description
Cooling pipe Inspector Inspects cooling pipes used in concrete structures, like dams, retaining walls, and also other structures, to locate defective pipes, leaking c... [Last Updated: ]

Pipeliner Job Description
Pipeliner Maintains repairs pipelines, pumping stations, and also tank farms by performing any combination of following duties as member of crew. Removes rust plus foreign substances from meters valves, using sand blasting equipment. Pours corrosion resistant material over pipe or applies material with brush or spray gun. Wraps pipe with strips of paper ... [Last Updated: ]

Pipe cleaning and priming machine Operator Job Description
Pipe cleaning and priming machine Operator Operates pipe cleaning priming machine to clean rust, scale, and also dirt from pipelines, and also to apply prime coating of hot asphalt. Selects cleaning plus priming head to fit pipe bolts them to machine-driven pulley. Bolts scraping knives & steel wire brushes to inside of cleaning head bristle brushes inside priming head. Adjusts sprin... [Last Updated: ]

Diesel Engine Pipe Fitter Job Description
Diesel Engine Pipe Fitter Installs high as well as low pressure piping plus tubing for lubrication, cooling, and also steam systems of turbines, compressors, condensers, pumps, and also generators according to graphic oral instructions. Lays out full size sketch of assembly on table, using layout tools. Bends, assembles and additionally positions pipe on sketch, using ... [Last Updated: ]

Pipe Fitter Marine Job Description
Pipe Fitter Marine Lays out, installs, and also maintains ships piping systems, like steam heat as well as power, hot water, hydraulic, air pressure, and also oil lines, following blueprints, and also using handtools shop machines. Plans layout of pipe sections, allowing for conformance to specifications, holes plus obstructions. Cuts & bores holes in bulkheads ... [Last Updated: ]

Pipe fitter Apprentice Job Description
Pipe fitter Apprentice Performs duties as described under Apprentice any industry Master Title. Frequentlies specializes, after completing apprenticeship program, in such areas as refrigeration [Refrigeration Mechanic any industry ], air-conditioning [Heating-And-Air-Conditioning Installer-S... [Last Updated: ]

Pipe Cutter Job Description
Pipe Cutter Operates machine to cut, thread, and also ream pipes, and also assembles pipes, according to blueprints, to form mobile home water system, using handtools. Measures plus marks pipes to be cut & threaded, using tape measure pencil. Positions secures pipe in chuck of machine. Starts machine turns handwheel to engage pipe with dies that cut thr... [Last Updated: ]

Pipeline Construction Inspector Job Description
Pipeline Construction Inspector Inspects materials quality of work of pipeline for conformance to specifications. Observes preparation of right-of-way for conformance to contract agreement. Verifies depth alignment of trenches, using tape measure. Examines bottom of trench for rocks or other hard objects that might damage pipe coatings. Examines surface as well ... [Last Updated: ]

Pipe Fitter Job Description
Pipe Fitter Lays pipe to repair as well as extend nonwelded gas mains plus to install or repair service pipes between mains residences. Drills hole in section of main to which new pipe will be fitted inserts inflated rubber bag to seal off flow of gas. Removes faulty pipe by unscrewing bolts at joint with hand wrench. Lays gas mains by fitting spigot end... [Last Updated: ]

Supervisor Pipelines Job Description
Supervisor Pipelines Supervises as well as coordinates activities of workers engaged in operating digging plus pipelaying machines and in installation of pipe, pumps, valves, and al... [Last Updated: ]

Pipe Bowls Paint Trimmer Job Description
Pipe Bowls Paint Trimmer Trims excess paint from metal bands on shanks of smoking pipes, using paint trimmer file. Examines pipe stummels to detect metal bands with excess paint. Places stummel bowl over paint trimmer stud, lowers trim blade and additionally rotates pipe s... [Last Updated: ]

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