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Food Service Associate II » Job Description:
...Food Service Associate II may perform all of the same duties as a Food Service Associate I within the food... up duties as well as more complex duties such as...
Model Maker Plaster And Plastic Job Description
Model Maker Plaster And Plastic Plans, lays out, and also constructs master full-scale models, forms, mockups, check jigs, and also plaster patterns for casting master tooling used in manufacturing aeronautical as well as aerospace products, utilizing knowledge of plaster patternmaking, metal forming, and also foundry practices procedures, using precision instruments, tools, a... [Last Updated: ]

Hand Developer Job Description
Hand Developer Develops exposed photographic film or sensitized paper in series of chemical water baths to produce negative or positive prints. Mixes developing fixing solutions, following formula. Immerses exposed film or photographic paper in developer solution to bring out latent image. Immerses negative or paper in stop-bath ... [Last Updated: ]

Special Effects And Instruction Models Gardener Job Description
Special Effects And Instruction Models Gardener Plants trees, shrubs, grass, flowers, and also similar plant life in special display areas, like motion picture sets as well as horticultural workshop beds, and also as instruction models, like terrariums plus dish gardens, according to written, oral, and also illustrated instructions using gardening tools. Reads plus studies instructions &... [Last Updated: ]

Second Cook And Baker Job Description
Second Cook And Baker Prepares food aboard cargo vessel, as directed by Cook, Chief
Bak... [Last Updated: ]

Clip bolter And Wrapper Job Description
Clip bolter And Wrapper Clips assembled leaf springs together by any of following methods. 1 Inserts bolt through end holes in U-shaped clip tightens nut, using impact wrench. 2 Inserts bolt through hole in end of spring & positions spring clip in holdin... [Last Updated: ]

Touch up Painter Hand Job Description
Touch up Painter Hand Paints articles, like clock or instrument hands dials, engraved surfaces, glass tubes, and also ceramics, to cover or touch up articles, using brush. Inspects workpiece for inspectors markings or defects. Wipes, scrapes, sands, or applies cleaning solution to surface to prepare for retouching. Dips brush into specified paint or protective coating ... [Last Updated: ]

Hand Worker Job Description
Hand Worker Adds wire tie or binding string to paper tags by tying or twisting precut lengths of string or wire through holes in end... [Last Updated: ]

Building Equipment And Supplies Sales Representative Job Description
Building Equipment And Supplies Sales Representative Sells building materials, equipment, and also supplies, like heating or air-conditioning equipment, insulation, glass, floor tiles, bricks, lumber, plumbing fixtures, and also... [Last Updated: ]

Bricklayer Helper Firebrick And Refractory Tile Job Description
Bricklayer Helper Firebrick And Refractory Tile Performs any combination of following duties to assist Bricklayer, Firebrick And Refractory Tile in repairing rebuilding furnaces, ovens, ladles, and also similar structures. Removes burned plus damaged brick cleans surfaces of ... [Last Updated: ]

Conche Loader And Unloader Job Description
Conche Loader And Unloader Operates conche machine to heat agitate refined chocolate mass with cocoa butter to enrich color, flavor, and also texture. Pumps specified amount of chocolate mixture into steam-heated stationary tank or rotary drum. Meters out specified amount of such ingredients as cocoa butter or flavorings. Turns steam valves adjusts thermostat to heat conte... [Last Updated: ]

Telecommunications Equipment Installer And Repairer Job Description
Telecommunications Equipment Installer And Repairer Note differences in wire cable colors so that work can be performed correctly. Drive crew trucks to from work areas. Inspect equipment on a regular basis to make sure proper functioning. Repair or replace faulty equipment like defective damaged telephones, wires, switching system components, and also associated equipment. Remove remake connecti... [Last Updated: ]

Supervisor Meter and regulator Shop Job Description
Supervisor Meter and regulator Shop Supervises as well as coordinates activities of workers engaged in repairing, adjusting, installing, and also testing meters, regulators, gauges, and also recording instruments for measuring regulating flow of ga... [Last Updated: ]

Transmission and coordination Engineer Job Description
Transmission and coordination Engineer Lays out plans estimates costs for constructing transmission lines high-tension facilities for carrying power from source to distributing points
Visits proposed construction site plus selects best shortest route to avoid interference with telephone or other lines. Submits data on proposed route to right-of-way department for obtaining n... [Last Updated: ]

Director Speech and hearing Job Description
Director Speech and hearing Directs as well as coordinates activities of personnel in hospital speech plus hearing department engaged in research and in testing treating patients according to established policies. Organizes plus establishes personnel procedures, including hiring training, counsels employees plus evaluates work performance. Confers with Administra... [Last Updated: ]

Hand Spring Repairer Job Description
Hand Spring Repairer Sets up as well as operates forging shop equipment to repair leaf-type springs used in automotive vehicles. Raises vehicle body, using jack plus removes defective spring. Removes defective leaves from spring, using handtools. Measures broken leaves cuts out replacement leaf blanks from steel stock, using flame cutter or power shear. Presses end... [Last Updated: ]

Taper And Bedder Job Description
Taper And Bedder Seals joints between plasterboard or other wallboards to prepare wall surface for painting or papering. Mixes sealing compound by hand or with portable electric mixer plus spreads compound over joints between boards, using trowel, broadknife, or spatula. Presses paper tape over joint to embed tape into compound & seal joint, or tapes joint, using... [Last Updated: ]

Basket factory Machine Hand Job Description
Basket factory Machine Hand Tends machine that staples basket hoops slats together. Places spools of wire on wire holders plus draws wire through machine guides slots in stapling heads. Inserts end of hoop strips into... [Last Updated: ]

Tailing Hand Job Description
Tailing Hand Feeds machines that strip unused yarn or roving from packages bobbins, pirns, and also quills
Dumps packages in hopper of machine, using chain hoist, or feeds individual packages into machine that strips yarn or roving from packages with knives, brushes, or compressed air. Presses button to start machine. Pushes or pulls... [Last Updated: ]

Combat Surveillance And Target Acquisition Noncommissioned Officer Job Description
Combat Surveillance And Target Acquisition Noncommissioned Officer Supervises as well as coordinates activities of personnel engaged in providing combat surveillance target acquisition information, like sound, flash, or survey, in support of field artillery units. Confers with firing battery personnel to coordinate target acquisition plus combat sur... [Last Updated: ]

Edger Hand Job Description
Edger Hand Pencils edges seam or smooths edges of rectangular or pattern irregularly shaped glass, using grinding wheel. Installs grinding wheels on spindle of machine according to width of glass or mirror edge, using wrench. Starts flow of coolant onto grinding wheel. Hol... [Last Updated: ]

Heating and air conditioning Me Job Description
Heating and air conditioning Me Installs, services, and also repairs environmental control systems in residences, department stores, office buildings, and also commercial establishments, utilizing knowledge of refrigeration theory, pipefitting, and also structural layout. Mounts compressor condenser units on platform or floor, using handtools, following blueprints or engineering... [Last Updated: ]

Hand Lens Polisher Job Description
Hand Lens Polisher Hands polishes optical elements, like lenses, prisms, and also optical flats, to finish element or remove defects, using jewelers rouge, polishing cloth or device, precision measuring instruments, and also jewelers lathe. Examines surface of element to detect defects, like stains scratches plus measures element to define amount of finish required,... [Last Updated: ]

Group sales Representative Job Description
Group sales Representative Promotes sale of group or season tickets for sports or other entertainment events. Telephones, visits, or writes to organizations, like chambers of commerce, corporate-employee-recreation clubs, social clubs plus professional groups, to persuade them to purchase group tickets or season tickets to sports... [Last Updated: ]

Janitor And Cleaner Job Description
Janitor And Cleaner Service, clean, or supply restrooms. Clean building floors by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, or vacuuming. Follow procedures for the use of chemical cleaners as well as power equipment to prevent damage to floors fixtures. Mix water detergents or acids in containers to prepare cleaning solutions, according to specifications. Strip, seal, finish,... [Last Updated: ]

Parts Caster Hand Job Description
Parts Caster Hand Casts lead storage battery parts, like grids, connectors, posts, and also straps. Installs specified type size mold on bed of machine, using handtools. Loads lead bars or shovels pig lead or scrap lead into melting kettle. Ignites burner as well as sets controls to melt heat lead to casting temperature. Coats or smokes faces of mold to prevent ... [Last Updated: ]

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