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...cooperation, pride, trust, and group identity; fosters commitment and team spirit; works with others to... status, status as a parent, genetic information...
Foster Parent Resume
Foster Parent Rears homeless or parentless children in own home as members of family. Organizes schedules activities, like recreation, rest periods plus sleeping time. Ensures child has nutritious diet. Instructs children in good personal health habits. Bathes, dresses, and also undres...
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Cottage Parent Resume
Cottage Parent Coordinates variety of activities for residents of boarding school, college fraternity or sorority house, care treatment institution, childrens home, or similar establishment. Orders supplies determines need for maintenance, repairs plus furnishings. Assigns rooms, assists in planning recreational activities and additionally supervises work stud...
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House Parent Resume
House Parent Cares for group of children housed in city, county, private, or other similar institution, under supervision of superintendent of home. Awakens children each morning ensures children are dressed, fed plus ready for school or other activity. Gives instructions to children regarding desirable health personal habits. Plans as well as leads recreat...
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Parent Trainer Resume
Parent Trainer Instructs parent of mentally- as well as physically-handicapped children in therapy techniques behavior modification. Observes plus plays with child & confers with childs parents as well as other professionals periodically to obtain information relating to childs mental physical development. Evaluates childs responses for defining levels ...
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